Sustainability : Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Relations

We call our stakeholders partners

Nowadays, a business can survive, prosper and rejoice at good corporate reputation only respecting stakeholders and having good dialogue with them.  Based on this, at AES we perceive our stakeholders as partners. Every business we have is built on mutually beneficial relationships. We work for a more sustainable world through putting together different points of view and balancing opinions for responsible business, community and environment oriented services.

Since the very beginning of our projects in Bulgaria we have been engaged in communication with our key stakeholders, such as  investors, employees, communities, regulators, local and central authorities through meetings, satisfaction surveys and project-specific community consultations to establish stakeholder needs. Our stakeholders are involved in the AES decision making process from a very early stage. Today AES Bulgaria stakeholder relations strategy is much more complex, outcome oriented and improvement driven in a way that betters also our own organizational learning and performance. It’s a mutual process of respect, commitment, trust and devotion to a sustainable future. It ensures transparency and reciprocity.

Following our corporate values and standards, with the time our model of stakeholder relations has gradually faced the following stages: communication – consultations – dialogue – partnerships. Stakeholders’ engagement is a core responsibility of AES Senior Management. Currently AES Bulgaria is established member of the local community taking to heart its daily agenda. We are committed to do a responsible business with respect and care to environment. We are engaged with the economic growth of the regions where we operate.