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Social Responsibility

We Are About More Than Work

By improving the reach and reliability of access to electricity, we have improved the quality of life in dozens of countries. We strive to be a good corporate citizen in each of the communities where we operate. This includes developing managerial and technical talent, having local partners, engaging advisory boards, and investing in communities. In everything we do, we are guided by our shared values to put safety first, act with integrity, honor commitments, strive for excellence, and have fun through work.

That is why AES Bulgaria has invested heavily in major projects regarding corporate social responsibility. Since 2006, we have invested annually around EUR 370,000 on the average in projects focused on and to the benefit of the local community of Galabovo Municipality and around EUR 80,000 on the average to that of Kavarna municipality. Whenever need be, we get involved in solving local problems with our own resources – whether it is building road infrastructure, combating floods, plumbing repairs or repairs of social institutions and schools.

The AES Galabovo’s corporate social responsibility budget is three times higher than the comparable expenditures of the ten largest companies in Bulgaria. Also, the way AES manages its corporate social responsibility program demonstrates a high commitment to openness and dialogue with the local community aiming to improve the quality of living. We want to be a good corporate citizen, responsible to the community and the environment. That is our priority and main value!

Our business in Bulgaria is generally focused on three key areas to empower local communities – Safety & Environment, Education and Social and Culture Welfare.


Explore some of our programs in the field of the corporate social responsibility

Reconstruction of road infrastructure in Galabovo

In 2011, TPP AES Galabovo did a major repair of the roadways and the sidewalks of Republic Boulevard in the town of Galabovo with a total length of 4 km from the roundabout to the road to Razdelna village, built a circular motion, repaired the grade crossing by laying resilient road surface and recovered parts of the remaining street network.

Republic Boulevard is the main thoroughfare in Galabovo passing trough the whole town. It is used by the local population and the workers at the thermal power plants and the Mines in Maritza basin.

The project amounted to EUR 2 million.

Celebrating June 1st, the International Children Day

Since 2009 AES Bulgaria celebrates annually June 1st either with festivals or with sports activities for the children of Galabovo. This is our holiday gift for the most important members of our community. Taking care of children is actually the best investment in our common future.

Lead by desire to make the day unforgettable for Galabovo’s children in 2014 we offered an exciting feast to our little friends – AES Children Olympics. For more information about the AES Children Olympics please follow the link.  

AES Geo Energy Donated a Digital Ultrasound System

This May the 8th, 2014 on a special ceremony in the local hospital of Kavarna, AES Geo Energy donated to Medical Center 1 a digital ultrasound system. The event was attended by Tzonko Tzonev, Mayor of Kavarna, Blagovest Nachev, Operations Manager of AES Geo Energy running Saint Nikola Wind Park, Evgeniya Popova, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Expert at AES Bulgaria and Dr. Zhivko Zhekov, Manager of Medical Center 1.

My Lab Class C – ESAOTE Digital Ultrasound is intended for general use in hospitals. It’s known for being a compact and agile system, which is easy to move and is able to adapt to any kind of environment, including interventional and operating rooms. The system  is worth EUR 50,000 and will significantly improve the quality of diagnosis in the Medical center, which is used by the population of the three municipalities - Kavarna, Shabla and Balchik. Within next two years, AES Geo Energy will cover EUR 40,000 of the ultrasound system's value. The remaining EUR 10,000 shall be covered by the Municipality of Kavarna.

AES Martenitza Contest

At AES Bulgaria it became a tradition to organize a competition for original handmade martenitza on occasion of one of the most cherished customs in Bulgaria, Baba Marta. This competition is part of the AES Social Corporate Responsibility Program aiming to preserve the Bulgarian cultural identity and encourage the development of skills and talents and of young people in the region. MORE

Zumba Classes in Galabovo

From the beginning of December 2013 TPP AES Galabovo organized Zumba classes as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Every Monday and Friday 40 ladies from Galabovo and Obruchishte attend the Zumba classes of Maria Malkodanska at the Home of Culture "Energetic". Maria has extensive experience in teaching aerobics, callanethics, Tae Bo , Zumba and other dance forms of exercise. For each lesson she comes from Stara Zagora. Her Zumba class in Galabovo will continue until May 2014. Thanks to AES, the participants can enjoy a new form of sport, which has not been practiced in Galabovo before.

Zumba is a fitness dance  inspired by the Latino American dances. It is created in Colombia and  involves dance, aerobics and fitness elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts. Squats andlunges are also included. Zumba has turned to a world preferred cardio training.

The Zumba Program is part of the TPP AES Galabovo commitment to the local community. It aims at giving opportunity to community’s women to attend new forms of sports, communications and fun and thus raise their self confidence and self care. 

Angels’ Tree

Christmas is holy, brings miracles and makes dreams come true. And that is why every year on the Christmas Eve all people around the globe, regardless of race and age, wish for themselves a Merry Christmas and a better and happier New Year. We also do. Each of us desires something, a bigger family, a better school for the kids, a new car, a lovely holiday, a better future. So does AES Galabovo, not only for the next year’s business but for our staff and their families, for our stakeholders and the community we live in. If we live in a happy environment, we also will be happy. The more people we help, the better becomes the world around us. This is the Christmas spirit.

Lead by this spirit we organize for five years already our charity Angels’ Tree initiative. It’s our common charity of AES Galabovo company and staff. Every year we collect money and buy winter clothes and shoes to children of families in need. For this to happen, our employees donate an undefined amount , which the company complements to reach the total needed. Each year it is spent for warm clothes and booths of nearly 200 social disadvantaged students from the primary and secondary schools of the municipality of Galabovo. We become part of their celebration and get in return the best gift ever - their smiles, their laughter, their eyes full of joy.

Christmas is time for solidarity and hopes. It opens people’s hearts and encourages their empathy and kindness. We would like to thank our staff for sharing our values and taking part in this noble initiative. Thanks to their generosity nearly 800 kids have enjoyed Christmas gifts from the "Angels’ Tree" for the last five years. We thank them because "The Angels’ Tree" is more than a charity - that is our commitment and belief in good.

AES Geo Energy Donated a Digital X-ray

Kavarna, November 11, 2013. AES Geo Energy donated a digital X-ray machine to Medical Center 1 in Kavarna. The donation ceremony was attended by the Environment and Water Minister Iskra Mihaylova, Mayor of Kavarna Tzonko Tzonev, the Commercial General Manager of AES Bulgaria Ivan Tzankov and the Manager of Medical Center 1 in Kavarna Zhivko Zhekov.

The Digital X-ray Siemens AXIOM is an X-ray system for universal use in hospitals. It is distinguished by its wide range of applications from making a simple X-ray and fluoroscopy to digital radiography, tomography, scanning and angiography. The device is worth over 400,000 leva and will significantly improve the quality of early diagnosis and speed of healthcare service in the radiology department at the Medical center, which is used by the population of the three municipalities - Kavarna, Shabla and Balchik. The donation is part of the AES Geo Energy corporate social responsibility program. 

Day of Obruchiste Village

Since 2008 TPP AES Galabovo supports the celebrations on occasion of the official day of Obruchiste village. The power plant organizes a Celebration program, which includes the Obruchiste Sings and Dances Festival, amateur performances of important moments of the village history, children shows and cynology fairs. The festivities are part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of TPP AES Galabovo and takes place in cooperation with the local Municipality.

First Day of the School Year

On the eve of every school year, each first grader from the Municipality of Galabovo receives from TPP AES Galabovo a backpack with school appliances. The initiative is part of the AES Galabovo Corporate Social Responsibility Program and has already been carried out for five years in a row.

"We are pleased to make the first day of school more exciting and fun for the children and more relaxed for their parents by helping the parents prepare their first grade pupils. We consider it a big advantage, having the opportunity to work together with the Municipality of Galabovo and all schools on its territory, to improve the quality of education and form the future global world citizens - aware, progressive and competitive young people," a company announcement shares.

Education is a key area in the TPP AES Galabovo Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which aims to encourage the development of young people in the region, to stimulate their curiosity and skills and to inspire in them confidence and self-esteem of full-fledged citizens.