The company was awarded within the Eighth edition of the national contest ‘Businessman/Businesswoman of Bulgaria 2019’

AES Bulgaria received ‘Loyalty and Sustainability during a Pandemic’ award within the Eighth edition of the national contest ‘Businessman/Businesswoman of Bulgaria 2019’ organized by the media ‘Economic Life’. The Economic Council, established at the media and composed of the renowned experts Prof. Garabed Minasyan, Dr. Alexander Alexandrov, Ass. Prof. Krassen Stanchev, Dimitar Sabev, and Miloslav Yosifov, chose the winners in the competition. At the ceremony, AES Bulgaria was awarded for the way the company reacted to COVID-19 pandemic challenges while continuing to guarantee the security of energy supply in the country. The award was given to the Managing Director of AES Bulgaria Ivan Tzankov. ‘For us, at AES Bulgaria this award is a recognition not only for the efforts made but also for the importance of our first value – always putting safety first for our people as well as for our contractors and partners with whom we are working for the communities we serve’, Ivan Tzankov said.

The competition ‘Businessman/Businesswoman of Bulgaria 2019’ aims to show and distinguish successful business people, who with entrepreneurship, innovation, good practices, and a lot of work, create jobs and maintain the competitive level of the Bulgarian economy. The first such award was given by ‘Economic life’ in 2011. Now, the media, already in web format, has resumed the contest after an 11- year’s break.