Our Business : Waste Disposal Facility

Waste Disposal Facility


The Waste Disposal Facility secures the transportation and disposal of waste products from the production process of the TPP AES Galabovo like bottom ash, fly ash and gypsum.  Close to 1.6 million tons waste from the combustion of coals and to 1.5 million tons gypsum from the flue gas desulphurization are disposed every year.

The construction of the Waste Disposal Facility began in 2008 and it became operational in 2010. Its total investment amounts to EUR 93 million and was entirely financed by AES. The Waste Disposal Facility was built due to the impossibility of the lignite supplier to accept and storage the waste, as is the case for other plants in the region. Its operation employs more than 130 people. In 2013 the Waste Disposal Facility was certified by the international standard “Investors in People”.

The Waste Disposal Facility consists of several main components:

  • 4.5- km long tube belt conveyor;
  • Disposal Site consisting of seven cells with total capacity for 15 years;
  • Service road along the conveyor’s length;
  • Asphalt road from the conveyor’s unloading station to the Disposal Site;
  • Administrative area. 

In accordance with the Bulgarian regulations and requirements for construction and operation of landfills and other installations and facilities for waste utilization and disposal, as well as the IPPC Permit, AES shall monitor the facility for a period of 30 years after its closure.

Tube Belt Conveyor

The tube belt conveyor fully eliminates the risk of dust emissions during transportation due to a system for active dust suppression at transfer areas. To eliminate the noise, those parts of the conveyor that are passing in proximity to residential areas are all equipped with special “noiseless” rollers and additional noise isolating cover. The facility is equipped with automated systems for control and tripping in case of emergencies.
Technical specifications: Diameter 400 mm; Speed 4.8 m/sec; Capacity 1,400 t/hr. 

Disposal Site

The facility is located over an old landfill site formerly owned by the Maritza Est mines, now property of AES. It is an engineered structure with reliable lower and upper isolation systems as well as separate drainage systems for leachate and rain water. Some of the main advantages of the landfill are the reuse of leachate water for dust suppression and the environmental controls and monitoring system. AES has also developed a complete design for landfill reclamation.


Isolation systems of the waste disposal facility

A Lower Isolation System is placed at the bottom of the cells of the Disposal Site. It prevents leachate infiltration in the soil and ensures effective ground water protection.
The Lower Isolation System is constructed in conformity with the provisions of the IPPC Permit, the regulations and the best engineering practices. It consists of compacted mineral layer, geo membrane, drainage layer, geo textile and protective soil cover.
The Upper Isolation System is placed over the dumped waste when capacity is reached. It consist of compacted mineral layer, drainage layer, and grassed soil cover.

Overpass/ Pedestrian underpass/ Access road to agricultural land

To facilitate the passage of residents of the settlements in the area, the design of the Waste Disposal Facility provides for:

  • Construction of an overpass for the traffic from and to Rozov Kladenetz residential quarters of Obruchishte village.
  • Repair and reconstruction of an existing Pedestrian underpass near the road junction.
  • Construction of a road to the west of the former substation of the village of Obruchishte. The road passes under the conveyor before the truck unloading tower. Thus the local residents will have access to the agricultural land located west of the conveyor route.

Water management

The water management is performed via two basins – leachate pond /contact water/ and clean rain water pond. The leachate water is used for active dust suppression. The Contact Water Pond is a sedimentation basin where all waters passing through the dumped waste are discharged. Mineral screen, geo membrane and installed Leakage Control System are used to protect ground water from contamination. The system enables high precision in localization of any possible rupture in the geomembrane.

Post – closure monitoring

In accordance with the national legslation on terms and requirements for construction and operation of landfills and other installations and facilities for waste utilization and disposal, as well as the IPPC Permit, AES shall monitor the facility for a period of 30years after its closure. The monitoring after landfill closure includes:

  • maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the final cover including making repairs to correct the effects of settlement and erosion.
  • maintenance and operation of the leachate collection system.
  • implementation of monitoring plan consisting of settlement monitoring and groundwater monitoring.