Careers : Application and Selection Process

Application and Selection Process

Basic principles of personnel selection

AES personnel selection process follows worlds’ best practices. Each position in the company is announced first internally – that allows company employees to develop and take up new positions with different or greater responsibilities.
For all positions in AES requiring specific skills, for which there are no internal candidates, we use external channels for selection.


Comprehensive information on the application process in all AES companies in the country is presented in Job Opportunities section of our website.


  • After we receive your application, we’ll analyze your CV and background to measure your match against the role profile. You will then be contacted by our recruitment specialist.
  • The next phase is a series of individual interviews with Human Resources team – either by phone, on-line or face-to-face interview. In case you excel this stage you will then be interviewed by the appropriate line manager.
  • It is worth noting that by using various selection and interview techniques, we will be looking at your potential match with AES culture, as well as exploring your experiences and real examples from your professional life, achievements and motivation factors.

Job offer

Once you have been selected for a job opening you will receive AES job offer. We will welcome you on to the AES team and give you more information about your induction.


Our induction programs vary from position to position. However, they all include a welcome to your department, an overview of our business and an introduction to your function and role objectives. Throughout, you will have all the support and help you need to succeed.