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Awards and Recognitions


During the years of its operations in Bulgaria, AES and its affiliates have been granted a number of national and international awards and recognitions in fields like sustainability, best energy investments, best employer’s practices and so on. Some are listed below.

2014 - International Safety Awards

In May 2014, for third consecutive year, both TPP AES Galabovo and the Waste Disposal Facility won Merits by the British Safety Council's International Safety Awards for good health and safety management in the previous calendar year. 

The award has been given to both entities in 2013 and 2012 as well. 

2013 - Investors in People

In May 2013 TPP AES Galabovo obtained the prestigious Investors in People international standard. We are the third company in Bulgaria and the first in the energy industry of the country to receive this prestigious certificate. MORE

2013 - APEX Global Award

On February 3rd, 2014 the APEX Global Awards Committee awarded 3rd place to TPP AES Galabovo in Huntington Beach, California for our Heat Rate Optimization Project. The APEX awards are given annually since 2006 for operational excellence of business units within the AES Corporation. MORE

2012 - Best Employer in Bulgaria

In 2012 TPP AES Galabovo was awarded Best Employer in Bulgaria by AON Hewitt. The award is given to international and local companies after examination of people management practices. It provides insights into how organizations can achieve a real competitive advantage through their people and explores what makes an organization a good place to work. MORE

2010 - TPP AES Galabovo - Investor of the Year

In December 2010 the Invest Bulgaria Agency awarded  the winners of the fifth edition of the annual Investor of the year awards. TPP AES Galabovo was awarded as Best Investment Project for 2010 in the Energy Sector. Its high technology investment corresponds to the Government’s vision for smart and sustainable growth of the Bulgarian economy. The competition aims to distinguish the best investments projects realized in Bulgaria in 2010.

The Investor of the Year Awards are given to companies that have made big steps in their development through effective and sustainable investments. The awards recognize companies that have achieved significant progress in 2010, which contributed to the development of Bulgarian economy, creating new jobs and stimulating faster economic growth, adhering to high standards of corporate social responsibility.

The AES Galabovo Investments in 2010 amounted to EUR 277 million, and these of the Waste Disposal Facility – EUR 27 million. The total investment from the previous years is EUR 1.016 million.

In 2010, AES Galabovo has created 156 jobs in total, 76 people were hired by the TPP and 80 people by the Waste Disposal Facility. Indirectly, more than 2000 people have been employed during the construction of the power plant. 

2010 - TPP AES Galabovo - Investor in Environment

Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) awarded TPP AES Galabovo wuth Investor in Environment 2010 in the framework of the organization's Responsible Business Awards for correction and cleaning of the Sokolitsa riverbed.

To prevent village of Obruchishte from systematical floodings, as a result of the typically intense rainfalls in the region and overflow of Sokolitsa river, TPP AES Galabovo financed a hydrogeological study of the riverbed state and overall technical design for its cleaning and corrections. The project includes activities such as surveying the river, compiling a digital model, preparation of hydrological study, hydraulic calculations, work project for correction of the riverbed worth 120,000 leva.

Launched in November 2003, the BBLF Annual Awards aim to promote the responsible behavior of business in Bulgaria. The main objective of the Awards is to give credit to companies with remarkable record in the field of corporate social responsibility and encourage other business representatives to start or further develop socially beneficial activities.

2009 - AES Geo Energy - Investor of the Year

Invest Bulgaria Agency awarded AES Geo Energy with Investor of the Year 2009 in the Energy sector for its investment in the construction of the "Saint Nikola" Wind Park. Investor of the Year awards are given to companies that have implemented investment projects with highest contribution to various sectors of the Bulgarian economy and to society‘s sustainable development.

AES Geo Energy is a joint venture of the American AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), and the Bulgarian-German Geo Power. Located in the municipality of Kavarna "Saint Nikola" Wind Park has 52 wind turbines with a total capacity of 156 megawatts. The Wind Park contributes to the economic recovery and sustainable development of the region. AES Geo Energy invests in various social and environmental initiatives and supports local businesses contracting Bulgarian suppliers. 250 jobs have been created during the construction phase of the project. Currently it employs 12 people.

The project fully meets all environmental and social standards of the financing institutions - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation, some of which are significantly higher than the EU requirements.

2009 - TPP AES Galabovo - Investor in Society

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum awarded TPP AES Galabovo Investor in Society 2009 in the framework of the organization's Responsible Business Awards for the "Travelling classroom - Earth Balloon" interactive training program in social science, natural sciences and environmental protection that "arrived" in Bulgaria's town of Galabovo at the company’s invitation.

Thanks to that, more than 450 children got new knowledge over important environmental issues such as water, soil and air pollution, climate changes and biodiversity loss. The classroom is a model of the terrestrial globe based on satellite shots. It comprises of two parts - an inflated vinyl globe and a fan.

Launched in November 2003, the BBLF Annual Awards aim to promote the responsible behavior of business in Bulgaria. The main objective of the Awards is to give credit to companies with remarkable record in the field of corporate social responsibility and encourage other business representatives to start or further develop socially beneficial activities. 

2007 - AES Geo Energy - First Class Investment

AES Geo Energy project for the construction of "Saint Nikola" Wind Farm near Kavarna received a certificate for First Class Investment in December 2007. The project is a joint initiative of AES and the  Bulgarian-German company Geo Power.

The total investment of the project amounts to EUR 270 million. With 52 "Vestas" turbines Kavarna project is the largest wind farm in the country. The farm increases significantly Bulgaria’s capacity in the production of energy from wind and helps the country reaching the requirements of the European Union 20/20/20 Programme.

2005 - EMEA Power Deal of the Year

Project Finance Magazine named AES Maritza East 1 “EMEA Power Deal of the Year” for 2005. In an article about the project the Magazine commened that “AES’s financing for its Maritza East 1 plant sign of better days for both the sponsor and the Bulgarian energy sector. It cements both the host country’s claim to be a viable EU accession state and AES’s claim to be a viable force in global power.”
Here is a link to the publication.

2005 - AES -3C Maritza East 1 - First Class Investment

In December 2005, Invest Bulgaria Agency certified AES as First Class Investment for the TPP Maritza East 1 project. This Certificate is given to investments in Bulgaria related to the setting-up of a new enterprise, to the expansion of an existing enterprise or activity, or to a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing enterprise, leading to the creation of new jobs. The minimum investment for obtaining the First Class Investement Certificate in the industry is 10 million leva and 150 new jobs.

Currently, TPP AES Galabovo is the largest foreign investment in Bulgaria for the last 20 years, in total amount of over EUR 1,3 billion and more than 500 jobs opened.