Safety first : Achieving First Class Safety

Achieving First Class Safety

In 2009, AES commissioned DuPont Safety Resources to perform an independent global survey regarding safety behaviors and attitudes at AES. The results from this survey formed the foundation for a comprehensive three-year action plan, and in 2010, AES businesses began a company-wide initiative to achieve world-class safety levels by the end of 2012.

Our three-year action plan was supported by company-wide safety goals, which each AES business implemented in alignment with its local working conditions. For example, goals included specific targets such as requiring a certain number of “quality safety walks” at facilities, or projects or system improvement goals such as implementing local processes to track safety findings until effective responsive action plans fully addressed a situation.

The result – The three-year program saw our incident rates drop to 1/3 of the rate they used to be, for AES People and Contractors too.

Our safety culture. How have we changed?

  •  Safety culture is stronger
  •  Businesses have developed and effectively implemented more quality safety processes and procedures
  •  Reporting culture is present and showing much improvement
  •  People are taking safety concepts into their personal lives
  •  People’s involvement in safety processes has increased