“St. Nikola” wind farm saves near 400,000 tons CO2 in 2017


The largest wind farm in Bulgaria – “St. Nikola” produced 352,776 MWh of electricity in 2017. The facility owned by Geo Energy has a total installed capacity of 156 MW. In the past year, the work of the 52 turbines in the park has contributed to the saving of 388,053.46 tons of CO2.

“We are proud that through the largest wind farm in the country we contribute to the achievement of our country’s goals of reducing the carbon footprint of the energy sector. The future is undoubtedly the green energy. But it will take time before renewables can replace conventional ones and in Bulgaria, as well as in most of the other markets, thermal power plants are still the ones that guarantee the safety of power systems and the security of energy supply. AES is working in this direction, including through its innovative energy storage solutions” he said during the round table discussion” said Ivan Tzankov, Managing Director of AES Bulgaria. He took part in an expert discussion on “The Clean Energy Package and the Effects on Bulgarian Energy”, which took place on 20.02.2018.

In Bulgaria, AES operates a total capacity of 756 MW, which includes both renewable and conventional capacities. TPP AES Galabovo and the wind farm “St. Nicholas “are key to guaranteeing the energy balance and the long-term transition to clean energy. They account for more than 6% of the total capacity of the energy system and over 30% of the wind power capacity in the country.