TPP AES Galabovo Turned 8 Since the Start of Its Commercial Exploitation


For this period, the most advanced coal-fired power plant in the country has produced over 28 million MWh of reliable electricity for Bulgaria

The most advanced coal-fired power station in Bulgaria – TPP AES Galabovo – marks the 8th anniversary of its commercial exploitation today. Since June 3, 2011, the two power units of TPP AES Galabovo have grossed more than 28 million MWh of reliable electricity for Bulgaria, as shown by the analysis of the production results of the most technological coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria. The electricity produced by the plant for the period is roughly equivalent to the consumption of 1 million Bulgarian homes for 8 years.

For 8 years, TPP AES Galabovo has reached 88.5% availability of more than 37 million MWh. The plant is key to ensuring the security of electricity supply and the stability of the Bulgarian power system. With its 690-megawatt capacity, the power plant contributes to Bulgaria meeting the requirements of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) for primary control reserve. Thanks to its high technology, TPP AES Galabovo is the most flexible coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria, providing great dispatching maneuverability. In 2018, the Electricity System Operator (ESO) used the plant for 8,200 hours in primary control mode and 13,700 hours in secondary control. TPP AES Galabovo works only with Bulgarian lignite coal mined at the Maritza East mines, using 5 – 5.5 million tons of coal per year, guaranteeing the employment of about 2000 miners and the energy independence of Bulgaria

As a result of the responsible attitude to the environment and the implemented advanced technologies TPP AES Galabovo reaches an average annual desulphurization efficiency rate of over 97%. The plant is designed so that it cannot generate electricity without an operational flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system. The continuous operation of the FGD system ensures cleaner air and environmental protection.