TPP AES Galabovo Presented the First-graders in Galabovo with School Bags and Materials for the First School Day for the Eleventh Consecutive Year


For the eleventh consecutive year, TPP AES Galabovo surprised the first-graders in Galabovo Municipality. For the first school day, the most advanced coal power plant in Bulgaria gave them school bags full of school materials and supplies. All 94 children in Galabovo Municipality got their surprises upon stepping the school threshold. 50 boys and 44 girls from Vasil Levski Secondary School, St. St. Cyril and Methodius Elementary School – the village of Obruchishte, and the schools St. Paisii Hilendarski and Hristo Botev received the school supplies provided by TPP AES Galabovo.

“For every child, the first day of school is filled with anxiety from the unknown but it also brings great joy. The joy of learning and knowing, and discovering new horizons. Each student’s future is built up each minute spent in class and the efforts made today by each of the students will define their success and accomplishment tomorrow. Good luck to all of you,” the Managing Director of AES Bulgaria Ivan Tzankov wished the first graders.

Providing all the necessary supplies for the first-graders is part of AES Bulgaria’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, which exceeds BGN 14 million for 10 years. And education is one of the top priorities in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, which aims to encourage the development of young people in the region, stimulate their curiosity and skills and foster their confidence and self-esteem.