TPP AES Galabovo is ready for the upcoming winter season


TPP AES Galabovo is completely ready for the upcoming winter season. This is clear from a report on the plant’s winter preparation plan, which has included a series of activities. The state-of-the-art coal-fired power station in Bulgaria has provided 400 000 tons of Bulgarian lignite with a minimum statutory obligation of 280 000 tons. At present, limestone reserves amount to 15 000 tons. Stocks of coal and limestone at the 690 MW-capacity near the town of Galabovo are sufficient for at least 20 days of operation of the plant without any other supplies. TPP AES Galabovo works only with local energy resources. Annually, the plant uses about 5 million tons of lignite, accounting for between 23% and 27% of the total output of Maritsa East Mines per year. Thus in practice, the operation of the power plant provides jobs for thousands of miners.

In the autumn of 2018 in the most technological coal-fired power station in Bulgaria – TPP AES Galabovo, the planned repair works of the two units were completed. Unit 1 was scheduled for a total of 600 hours of repair works in the period from 17.08.2018 to 11.09.2018. Unit 2 was undergoing scheduled repairs for a total of 665 hours from 27.08.2018 to 24.09.2018. The planned repair works are carried out to the extent envisaged and according to the repair schedule. The investment program for 2018 of TPP AES Galabovo has been fully implemented.