AES Bulgaria is ready to perform PCR tests for its employees as an additional measure against COVID-19 and in order to guarantee the energy supply of the country


TPP AES Galabovo and Saint Nikola Wind Farm provided over 415,000 MWh of reliable energy for the Bulgarian consumers from the start of the state of emergency to date

AES Bulgaria has secured PCR tests for COVID-19 for its employees at TPP AES Galabovo. This is an additional measure against the spread of the coronavirus. The testing is part of the implementation of the company’s crisis response plan to guarantee energy supplies to the country. In case of a spike in the pandemic leading to the trigger of the plan to isolate its employees in the ‘energy worker’s small town’, all employees would be tested in advance for COVID-19. The ‘energy worker’s small town’ has been built on the site of TPP AES Galabovo from containers for temporary accommodation, equipped with all the essentials of domestic nature, to provide the energy specialists with comfortable living conditions. If necessary, the temporary premises will be occupied on a shift basis for 2 weeks by the staff directly involved in the electricity production and in the key activities of TPP AES Galabovo to guarantee the continuity of electricity supply and energy security of Bulgaria.

Since the beginning of the state of emergency, AES Bulgaria has implemented a large-scale crisis management plan, with a number of measures being implemented on the sites of both plants to preserve the health of the employees in the times of pandemic, and in strict compliance with the institutions’ regulations regarding the restriction of COVID-19 spread. Thanks to the implementation of the measures under the plan and the responsibility of all AES Bulgaria’s employees, TPP AES Galabovo and Saint Nikola Wind Farm have been working continuously since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

For the 50 days since the beginning of the state of emergency in Bulgaria to date, the most modern coal power plant in the Balkans – TPP AES Galabovo and the largest wind farm in the country – St. Nikola Wind Farm have generated more than 415 000 MWh of electricity for the Bulgarian consumers. This amount would be sufficient to satisfy the average monthly consumption of 1,500,000 households in Bulgaria. All this once again shows the key role of AES Bulgaria for the energy security in the country.