AES Bulgaria Is Committed to Helping People’s Economic and Social Development


Every day, AES Bulgaria contributes to Bulgaria’s economic growth and social development by providing safe and reliable energy, but also by investing in community-oriented projects.

AES is the largest foreign investor in Bulgaria’s energy sector and has shown its long-term commitment to the country. AES Bulgaria operates the most modern thermal plant in South-eastern Europe – AES Galabovo – and the largest wind farm in the country, St Nikola, near Kavarna in north-eastern Bulgaria. Its plants operate at highest standards while contributing to energy independence of the country.

Since the start of its operations, AES Bulgaria has invested more than BGN 14 million (€7.2 million) in a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility programs focusing on three main pillars – education, healthcare and infrastructure.  These programs are tailored to the needs of the local communities and are designed to make a lasting effect on society.

AES Bulgaria believes that education is key to social, economic and personal development and guarantees a better future for the younger generation. In the region of Galabovo, AES is helping schoolchildren and young people with access to quality education near their homes. AES provides heating fuel and contributes towards the cost of meals for the children of the village of Obruchishte, making it possible for them to attend school without having to travel every day to Galabovo.

In Kavarna, where AES Bulgaria’s St Nikola wind farm is located, AES Bulgaria has donated digital “blackboards” to all the local schools in the municipality, providing access for local pupils to modern educational tools.

AES Bulgaria also supports social inclusion and health through sports projects, encouraging young people to have a more active and healthier way of life. One of its flagship projects is the renovation of the Youth Centre in Galabovo. The Youth Centre, located in a beautiful park, is the most modern sports and recreational facility in the whole Stara Zagora region. There, the local population can play football, tennis and badminton and take part in gymnastics, athletics and many other activities.

In Kavarna, AES has contributed to a range of leisure projects for children. These include repairs to playgrounds in Kavarna itself as well as in surrounding villages. Given the popularity of Kavarna as a seaside resort, the contribution of AES is estimated to benefit not only the 12,000 people living in the town and the 16,000 inhabitants of the nearby villages, but also the 40,000 tourists visiting the region in the summer.

The development of a modern resort is not possible without proper medical services and that is why AES contributed to the cost of maintenance of the neurology department at the hospital in Kavarna and to repairs at the medical center. AES’ actions help local people and visitors have access to quality medical care when they need it.

AES has also supported the purchase of a new ambulance for the local hospital in Galabovo. The hospital serves around 10,000 people in the town and surrounding areas.

These are all examples of how AES Bulgaria helps people living in the communities where it operates. Our commitment to Bulgaria is not only about providing reliable electricity to homes and businesses but also contributing to the economic and social development of the people.