AES-3C Maritza East 1 Statement


AES-3C Maritza East 1 expresses significant concern about the continuing campaign by the representatives of nationally represented employers’ associations in Bulgaria aiming to create and promote a climate of intolerance towards the thermal power plant AES Galabovo, one of the largest and most modern thermal power plants in Bulgaria and a key contributor to the security of electricity supply and energy independence.

The complaint submitted last week by the leaders of the employers’ associations to the Bulgaria Ombudsman Mrs. Maya Manolova contains completely false allegations against our company.

We strongly reject such allegations, which have no basis in reality and are clearly aimed at undermining our company’s reputation and damaging our business activities in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, we are very concerned that such deliberate attempts to discredit the biggest international investor in Bulgaria will have a negative impact on the investment climate in Bulgaria and undermine the sanctity of contractual agreements in the country. AES-3C Maritza East 1 expresses its commitment to cooperating closely with the Bulgarian authorities and improving the investment climate of the country.