50 million leva savings per year for NEK thanks to the 14% reduction of the capacity price of TPP “Maritsa East 1″


Olivier_MarquetteThe National Electric Company will save 50 million leva on an annual basis as a result of the reduction of the capacity price of TPP AES Galabovo ( “Maritsa East 1″) by 14%, which entered into force in May, said Olivier Marquette, AES Bulgaria Managing director, during the annual press conference of the company. The reduction of the capacity price became effective immediately after NEK has paid all the arrears to TPP AES Galabovo, which had reached a total amount of 309 mln euro.

Ivan_TsankovSince May this year NEK is covering their obligations in timely fashion and there are no overdue amounts at the moment, explained Ivan Tzankov, AES Bulgaria General Commercial Director. He noted that right after receiving the arrears from NEK, AES has paid their overdue to MMI, which amounted to 51 mln euro. At the present moment we don’t have any overdue amount to the mines, Olivier Marquette stated.

Todor_BelezhkovUp to October 2016, TPP AES Galabovo has produced 2.3 TWh electricity, and consumed 3.8 mln tones of coals, summarized Todor Belezhkov, Plant Manager of AES Bulgaria. In 2016 TPP AES Galabovo received the International Safety award with Merit by British Safety Council and Gold category award for Occupational Health and Safety by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents. The power plant achieved the Integrated Management System certification under safety (OHSAS 18001), environment (ISO 14001) and asset management (ISO 55001) standards.

In October 2016, together with the Minister of Energy in resignation Temenuzhka Petkova, Thanks to the funding from AES Bulgaria for a total amount of 4,4 mln leva, the building and the park were fully  renovated. This provided the citizens of Galabovo town with big sports hall, halls for traditional dances & rhythmic gymnastics, indoor and outdoor fitness facilities, playground, covered outdoor concert stage. So far AES Bulgaria invested more than 13.6 million leva in CSR activities the Galabovo area.